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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My mom

I just wanted to write something about my mom. I am so proud of her because she has been through so much adversity and loss, and she remains steadfast in living her life the way she wants and she tries to enjoy every minute. My mom has loved me when I look back and think I was unloveable. I was an angry teenager with low self esteem and I fought with my mom a lot at that time. I cannot tell you how that has changed since I have become an adult. I talk to mom EVERY day. She is my best friend. My mom has loved and supported not only me, but my choice of a partner as well as my son Cooper. She has made over him and accepted him completely in her heart- and had fought on my behalf for others to do the same. I always know that my mom is going to be on my side, and support and love me. My mom drove 8 hours from West Virginia to stay with me when I was first diagnosed with Chron's disease and she stayed with me when I came home with Cooper. Now that I am a mom, I understand the unconditional love that she has for me and my sister because I have that same love for Cooper. In celebration of her, and because Fall is also my moms most favorite time of year- I thought I would list some fun things about my mom.

* My mom is a Capricorn and the youngest of two girls.

* My mom put herself through college when my sister and I were older, and she graduated with her Dental Hygiene degree.

* My mom always made holidays special- and created the best memories around baking, decorating and enjoying the season even when we didn't have any money.

* My mom makes the most delicious homemade chocolate cake, cheesecake, chicken and dumplings and many other yummy things like hot rolls and peanut butter fudge (look at her blog to see a picture of these!).
* My mom does not like butter on her toast, but loves to bake with it.

* My mom loves Tina Turner and Prince as well as Sex and The City.

* My mom's name is Linda Louise.

* My mom loves good coffee, and we always enjoy it together when we are visiting.

* My mom has always been and is my biggest fan.

* My mom is open-minded, progressive and believes in equal rights for every human.

* My mom suffered 5 miscarriages while trying to have me and my sister.

My mom has also quit smoking!!! After almost 40 years!!!!! I am so proud of her! She has taken up crocheting and is working on primitive rag rugs and hats, gloves as well as many other things. Please visit her blog and leave a comment to encourage her :) She will be opening an Etsy shop very soon.

My mom's Fingerless Gloves

Cooper and Naunnie

My mom came in to be present for Cooper's adoption proceedings (Yes- Carrie had to adopt her own child)

This picture is all of us at the Georgia Aquarium. In this picture- My sister Lisa, my nephew Mason, my niece Taylor and my youngest niece, Kaylee (in the baby carrier), Carrie, me, Cooper and my mom.

Cooper and Naunnie

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Blogger Kindra said...

Such a wonderful post about your mom! She sounds like good people to me! You have such a beautiful family. :)

October 2, 2008 at 7:16 AM  

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