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Monday, September 29, 2008

Red and Black- My favorite Colors

Take a look at these gorgeous baskets. My etsy friends are so very talented. Please visit sosorosey and see Jennie's adorable shop.

My mom has started crocheting primitive rag rugs and beautiful hats and matching gloves. Stay tuned, because I will be posting her shop soon. You will love her things- I am so proud and excited for her.

I am enjoying every minute of our weather as we get cooler and cooler. I look forward to the even more crisp of autumn days to come. Take a look at my little man Cooper enjoying being outside.

I am enjoying pumpkin spice and holiday peppermint coffee- two of my most favorite things of the season. I also wanted to let everyone know that I tried Kindra's recipe for French Dip sandwiches and they were so succulent! I'm adding the recipe below. Perfect crock pot meal.

10 oz can condensed beef broth
12 oz can beer ( I used a bottle of pumpkin lager)
10 3/4 oz can onion/French onion soup
3-4 lb. roast
Salt and Pepper to taste

You throw everything in a crock pot, cook on Low for 6-8 hours. Add meat to hoagie buns with au jus. We added a full onion and added swiss cheese. We put the sandwiches under the broiler for a few minutes as well

Saturday, September 27, 2008

I Adore Bluebirds

I am so sorry I was unable to capture the beauty of the family of Eastern bluebirds that are hanging out at 1082 McConnell. The picture here of the beloved bluebird although stunning, still can not capture how beautiful they are in person. Bluebirds often travel in groups or families- and I have the most unusual "speckled" bluebird in my family. She is so amazing! The color of these wonderful creatures almost seems painted on- it is truly stunning.

Bluebirds are on the decline- so do your part and help these beautiful creatures thrive. They are VERY picky about where they will nest and brood, so you must either buy a pre-made bird house specifically for bluebirds- or build one using the specific entry hole dimensions.

Houses should be in place each year by mid-March to attract birds returning from migration. But bluebirds nest two or three times a season, so often accept boxes put up later for second nestings.


Bluebirds will only nest in boxes that are in the appropriate habitat. Open rural country with scattered trees and low or sparse ground cover is best. Pastureland, acreages, some parks and mowed areas such as cemeteries or golf courses are all good locations for a bluebird trail. if no pesticides are used on them. Here are some additional hints about the habitat they require:

Try to provide a fence line, wires, or tree branches where bluebirds may perch to search for food.
Avoid brushy and heavily wooded areas -- this is the habitat of the House Wren, which may puncture bluebird eggs.
Avoid farmsteads and feedlots where House Sparrows may be abundant. They take over bluebird boxes, often killing the bluebirds.Avoid areas of heavy pesticide use.

Boxes for the Eastern Bluebird should be spaced at least 100 to 150 yards apart; Western and Mountain Bluebirds have a larger nesting territory and boxes should be spaced no closer than 300 yards apart.

Setting Up:
Mount nesting boxes so the entrance hole is about five feet above the ground. If possible, face the box where a tree or shrub is in view no more than 100 feet from the box; this will provide a safe landing spot for the young bluebirds when they first leave the box, keeping them off the ground, away from predators.

For more info on how to protect bluebird nests- check out the following links:

North American Bluebird Society


Cornell Lab of Orinthology


Monday, September 22, 2008

The Official First Day of HoneyFitz Fall

Before fall clean-up :)
Our driveway angel watches over us as we head out for the day

Today it is officially fall. I decided to take a few pictures here around the house, so I can document the change in the leaves on the trees on our property. As you can imagine being this far south- our trees do change- but much later than at home in West Virginia. Also, I am WILD about these adorable partridges (or peace doves) created by my fellow Etsy friend Jennifer. I just adore the vintage fabrics so much- that I have asked her to custom make more for my Christmas tree. They are just darling- and they can be ornaments and so much more. I think these birds would look adorable on a door handle or on a drawer pull as well. Please check out her site and she will give you free shipping if you mention me :)- Buddy Designs at

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cranberry HoneyFitz Love

I just adore these vintage lucite "cranberry" beads. I love how they hang freely on the extra large sterling kidney ear wires. Since Carrie and I bought our house on McConnell Drive-I have been able to see more birds than ever before at my feeder. Because we have almost an acre here in the city, it seems like my feeders must be a much-needed haven for my city birds. This year, I'll make garland out of dried cranberries and popcorn for the birds as we get colder. Last year, this treat was enjoyed the most by black-capped chickadees, cardinals and nuthatches. All hail the glorious cranberry.

Cranberry Relish Recipe

1 (12-ounce) package Fresh or Frozen Cranberries, rinsed and drained
1 unpeeled orange, cut into eighths and seeded
3/4 to 1 cup granulated sugar
Place half the cranberries and half the orange slices in food processor container. Process until mixture is evenly chopped. Transfer to a bowl. Repeat with remaining cranberries and orange slices. Stir in sugar. Store in refrigerator or freezer.


Fall is my most favorite time of year, and I am so excited that Cooper is here and will be able to enjoy the season. I also decided it was a perfect time to start a blog dedicated to my life as a new crafter and a mom. I have been crafting using my most favorite fall colors- deep berry, plum, cinnamon, nutmeg. I have also discovered some beautiful vintage pumpkin shaped beads in the most delicious shade of green as well. I cannot wait for fall to really get here- and believe it or not Georgia has a beautiful, crisp autumn. I cannot wait to sit around our fire pit and drink coffee.