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Friday, October 24, 2008

And the Winner IS???

Clack House!!! Cooper pointed right to you!!! Please send me your address so I can send you your earrings! Thank you to everyone that entered- and please sign up to follow my blog. I'll be giving more jewelry away throughout the holiday season.

Please enjoy the pic of Cooper at a birthday party for his pal Devon. He discovered strawberries and LOVED them! Of course- he had to feed them to mommy :)

Also- my wonderful and very talented cousin Jill made me these wonderful,personalized burp clothes for our cousin Buffy and her new baby Tasso. I've added pictures of them below. Her workmanship is absolutely perfect! Please check out her website/blog "Sew Succulent". The link is on my blog list.
I've attached pics of a few of my new pieces too. Let me know what you think!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


My dear etsy friend Kindra inspired me to start this blog- and one of the things she will do every so often is have a give-away. In celebration of fall and the upcoming holiday season- I will be giving away the pumpkin earrings pictured here! They are made with sterling silver and pressed czech glass. To enter, please leave a comment for me. Cooper will pick the winner.



Sunday, October 12, 2008

It's Fall Ya'll!

I participated in my first team sell on Etsy with the Georgia Etsy Street Team. I did try and increase my inventory a little in preparation, but I"m afraid the economy impacted (at least my) number of sales. I did have two people purchase from my shop though- YAY!! And Thank you!!! I have been sick this weekend with my Chron's- but the weather has been gorgeous and Cooper has been super fun. It was breezy and cool both days this weekend.

I ordered some really BEAUTIFUL and rare vintage beads today and I cannot wait to get them and begin creating with them. My mom has been crocheting the most gorgeous rugs (pic below) and Joan is really making alot of bibs and these adorable embellished picture frames. I think we are going to try to go up next weekend to Dahlonega because of the "Gold Rush" day festivities in the town and I look froward to seeing all of her finished items.

My newest creation- Pearl Drops on Sterling Silver Filigree

Mom's Rug!

Joan's Bib and Burpee Set (made from super absorbent dish towels!)

Our Home

Cooper and Mommy

Sunday, October 5, 2008

First Fall Weekend in Dahlonega

Carrie picked up an antique brass bed that Joan (Carrie's mom) bought from a family in Woodstock, and we took it up to Carrie's parents. It is really neat and is going to look great in their new house. The bed is on wheels, and has a very pretty patina. Joan prepared a spaghetti dinner and Cooper enjoyed his share of this yummy meal. For dessert, she made the most yummy baked apples. I'm going to include the recipe below. They make a delicious, healthier dessert and they are perfect for fall. We played with Cooper outside on the grass and had a "photo shoot". Cooper had a great time. We were able to get alot of great pictures, so I'll put them on Cooper's blog. Also Joan is sewing bibs! They are so adorable. I'll post a link to her Etsy shop when she opens it as I am certain you will really like them. I am so happy because my mom is crocheting and Joan is sewing and I'm making jewelry I just love it! Joan is making bibs that have a "paci pocket"on the front to hold a pacifier! Stay tuned for more. My mom bought the most gorgeous yarn from Etsy that is hand dyed with Marigolds. The yarn is the most delicious shade of yellow. It looks like a ball of sunshine. I can't wait to see what she makes out of it.

Baked Apples

Core 4 Cameo apples and then cut them in half.
Sprinkle with brown sugar and apple pie spice (or allspice).
Add 1/4 cup of chopped pecans.
Bake at 350 for 1 hour.
Serve with vanilla yogurt (or ice cream)

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A Big Order!

I finally completed a very large order. Whitney Cohen (thanks Wendy!) ordered about 50 pieces of jewelry for a Holiday Gift Mart put on by her church in Saint Petersburg Florida. The proceeds benefit their children's ministries. It was such a sense of accomplishment, and I felt honored to be a part of such a great fundraiser. I'm attaching a pic of me filling my very first order- so imagine this multiplied by 50 :) Thank you Carrie for your help in getting everything done on time.

We had a great day yesterday . We went to see our friends Audrey, Rod and their son's Max and Fin. We then went to Carrie's parents in the North Georgia Mountains. I'll post about that next.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Saying Goodbye to Summer

I cannot believe we are closing in on 2009. My baby boy will be turning 1! It seems like yesterday I was trying to shuffle to the bathroom in the hospital holding my C-section incision. I remember breast feeding Cooper for the first time and experiencing the most unbelievable joy. Although this year has been hard for me my life is so much better now that Cooper is here. After I came home with Cooper, I had to spend a week in the hospital as I was diagnosed with Chron's Disease. During this year of trying to cope not only with the reality that this is a forever thing- physically my body has really been through it. I have an auto-immune arthritis that affects my joints and I am on a lot of medication. Still- I would have Cooper again in a heartbeat. Afterall, I would turn over my life for his without even giving it second thought.

So it's with this post I am saying goodbye to Summer 2008. I know I should have done this before my official fall postings- but alas I usually do things out of sequence. Enjoy a few summer pics of Cooper this summer. I've also attached a picture of the most gorgeous basket made by Carol at you would love her baskets! Also, I use this most simple home made potpourri recipe for this time of year for as long as I can remember. That means I probably got it from my mom. It makes your house smell so good.

(1) sliced apple
(4) cinnamon sticks
(5-10) whole cloves

Slice your apples in wedges and put in a small saucepan. Snap your cinnamon sticks in half and add your cloves. Fill the saucepan with water (about 1 1/2 cup). Simmer. I let mine simmer all evening. Be sure to watch it and just add more water as it cooks down.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My mom

I just wanted to write something about my mom. I am so proud of her because she has been through so much adversity and loss, and she remains steadfast in living her life the way she wants and she tries to enjoy every minute. My mom has loved me when I look back and think I was unloveable. I was an angry teenager with low self esteem and I fought with my mom a lot at that time. I cannot tell you how that has changed since I have become an adult. I talk to mom EVERY day. She is my best friend. My mom has loved and supported not only me, but my choice of a partner as well as my son Cooper. She has made over him and accepted him completely in her heart- and had fought on my behalf for others to do the same. I always know that my mom is going to be on my side, and support and love me. My mom drove 8 hours from West Virginia to stay with me when I was first diagnosed with Chron's disease and she stayed with me when I came home with Cooper. Now that I am a mom, I understand the unconditional love that she has for me and my sister because I have that same love for Cooper. In celebration of her, and because Fall is also my moms most favorite time of year- I thought I would list some fun things about my mom.

* My mom is a Capricorn and the youngest of two girls.

* My mom put herself through college when my sister and I were older, and she graduated with her Dental Hygiene degree.

* My mom always made holidays special- and created the best memories around baking, decorating and enjoying the season even when we didn't have any money.

* My mom makes the most delicious homemade chocolate cake, cheesecake, chicken and dumplings and many other yummy things like hot rolls and peanut butter fudge (look at her blog to see a picture of these!).
* My mom does not like butter on her toast, but loves to bake with it.

* My mom loves Tina Turner and Prince as well as Sex and The City.

* My mom's name is Linda Louise.

* My mom loves good coffee, and we always enjoy it together when we are visiting.

* My mom has always been and is my biggest fan.

* My mom is open-minded, progressive and believes in equal rights for every human.

* My mom suffered 5 miscarriages while trying to have me and my sister.

My mom has also quit smoking!!! After almost 40 years!!!!! I am so proud of her! She has taken up crocheting and is working on primitive rag rugs and hats, gloves as well as many other things. Please visit her blog and leave a comment to encourage her :) She will be opening an Etsy shop very soon.

My mom's Fingerless Gloves

Cooper and Naunnie

My mom came in to be present for Cooper's adoption proceedings (Yes- Carrie had to adopt her own child)

This picture is all of us at the Georgia Aquarium. In this picture- My sister Lisa, my nephew Mason, my niece Taylor and my youngest niece, Kaylee (in the baby carrier), Carrie, me, Cooper and my mom.

Cooper and Naunnie

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